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Appointment ID sc155d2228c24d28 Unique ID Generated by tuOtempO
Creation Date 17/08/2016, 19:06  
Creator Emma Jones  
Role Advanced Resource The role of the operator who created the appointment
Appointment 07/09/2016  
Appointment Start Time 12.20  
Ending Time 13.00  
Duration 40  
Location Elm Street Clinic  
Group Title Osteopathy  
Service Child - Follow-up  
Resource Stuart Wilson  
Status Approved  
Payment 1 0=Payment Not Completed Online; 1=Payment Completed Online
Fast Check-In 1 0=Check-In Code not sent; 1=Check-In Code sent
Insurance MyHealthPolicy  
Price 35  
Patient Jonathon  
Patient Last Name Smith  
Mobile 447123456789  
Email patient@gmail.com  
Landline Phone 4420811111111  
Date of birth 08/06/1979  
Gender M  
Title Mr  
Zip Code N4 1AB  
City Kensington  
Province London  
Country United Kindgom  
Privacy 1 0=Patient has not authorised the sending of messages; 1=Patient has authorised the sending of messages
Language EN  
Patient of Stuart Wilson  
Notes I have pain in my back.  
Payment Method Paypal  
Amount Paid £ 150  
Reminder Type SMS  
Sent on 06/09/2016  
Delivery Status Sent  
Credits 3 The quantity of credits used for communications related to this appointment.

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