When your communication credits are running low,  click on the Credits link in the top right hand corner of the tuOtempO Application.

Choose between the Auto-Recharge or Buy Credits options.

Auto Recharge

With Auto-Recharge when your credits go down your stock will automatically be re-charged by the quantity of your choice. You will subsequently be invoiced by our accounts department for payment.

Choose your credit pack

  1. Select activate the Auto-Recharge of credits
  2. Choose the size of the credit pack you wish for your recharge from the drop-down menu
  3. Save your preferences

Buy Credits

The Buy Credits dialogue

Choose the Buy Credits option to make a one off purchase. You will pay online and receive your bill from us after your purchase has been completed.

  1. Choose the quantity of credits you wish for your payment from the dropdown menu
  2. Click Proceed
  3. Choose payment by Paypal or payment by Credit or Debit Card and follow the purchasing dialogue

Need help?

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