When a doctor doesn't receive an SMS, there are many possible causes:

  • The global communication settings
  • The doctor's settings or contact details
  • The service settings
  • A network incident
  • A problem with the doctor's service provider

Use the Sent messages log to diagnose the problem and then apply the appropriate solution.

Checking the Sent Messages log

Go to > Reports > Reports > Sent Message log

Use the Search function to analyse the log.

  1. Do text messages to other doctors have the status Sent or Received?
  2. If not, verify your global communication settings

  3. Have any text messages been sent to this doctor?
  4. If not, verify the doctor's communication settings.

  5. Do messages sent to this doctor have the status Not Received?
  6. If so, verify the doctor's contact details.

  7. Are some messages sent to this doctor, but not this one?
  8. If so, verify communication settings for your services.

  9. Do all messages to this doctor have the status Sent or Received, including the one you are investigating?
  10. If so, verify the doctor's contact details and retest their number.

Verifying your settings

Global Communication Settings

Go to > Setup > Communication

  1. Verify that the General Switch is Active
  2. Verify that the channel checkboxes are ticked for the messages you wish to send

Doctor Communication Settings

Go to > Setup > Center > Resources > [Resource name]

  1. Confirm with your doctor that the mobile number you have is correct
  2. Verify that the checkbox Memo Active is selected
  3. Verify that the dropdown Receive the next day agenda via SMS is set All appointments or First appointment of the day if required
  4. Verify that the checkbox Receive a message when an appointment is created is selected if required

Service Communication Settings

Go to > Setup > Center > Services > [Service name]

  • Verify that the Memo dropdown is On
Messages relating to a given service will only be sent if the Memo option is activated for the service concerned!

Re-send a test message

When you have completed the settings verification, re-send a test message.

Send a test message using the Tuotempo Application

Go to > Messges > Campaign Messaging > Select in your contacts > Resources > [Doctor's name]

Send an SMS. If the doctor receives your test message all should now be OK. You may have resolved the problem by modifying the application settings, or the doctor may have experienced a temporary network issue. If all your settings are now correct, there should be no more incidents.

If the doctor does not receive this test message, send a second one using a mobile phone.

Send a second test message using a mobile telephone

Use a mobile telephone to send a second test text message to the doctor.

If the doctor receives this message but not the first test message, there is a compatibility issue between their service provider and Tuotempo. The doctor should raise the problem with their mobile telephone service provider.

If the doctor receives neither this message nor the first test message, there is an issue with their service provider concerning the reception of SMS messages. The doctor should raise the problem with their mobile telephone service provider.

Ask us to investigate

A small percentage of SMS messages are not delivered for network-related reasons beyond our control. However, if you have three or more messages that are not delivered in a 24 hour period and you have carried out the above tests, please forward the details to us in a support ticket.

Please obtain permission from the doctors for us to contact them and include in the ticket:

  • The time when the original message was sent
  • The time the test messages were sent
  • The doctors' contact details

We will then investigate the incident for you.

We know that the successful delivery of messages is critical to you and we monitor delivery 24 hours a day to ensure an optimal service. We are immediately alerted in the case of incidents affecting your service. We only use operators with premium level delivery success rates and in the case of a failure, your SMS is automatically rerouted via an alternative gateway. As a result of this policy our successful sending rate is above 99%.

We hope this information will help you deal with cases in which doctors believe they have not received their text messages. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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