When booking an appointment on large portal websites, there can be a few seconds delay before an appointment confirmation is received. You can use this short wait to display informative messages to your patients. This tutorial shows you how.

Activate the feature

Go to > Tuotempo > Setup > Online Booking > Preferences > Communication

  1. Select Show Messages during loading.
  2. For each message add a title, a text, an image and optionally a link.
  • The maximum size of each image is 400px X 300px. ¬†Your images should be hosted on your website.
  • When filled, the Link field will add a "Learn More" URL to the display.

To check your work.

Go to your online booking widget and book an appointment. During the wait for confirmation, your banner messages will appear between the moment when the patient clicks on the Book button and the display of the appointment confirmation message.

Banner notices only appear when there is a time delay between booking an appointment and receiving the confirmation.

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