Congratulations on choosing TUOTEMPO Patient CRM. 

Your new software will enable you to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and improve communication with your patients.  To get the most out of Tuotempo Patient CRM, it is important to encourage patients and staff to use it to the full. High quality support is an essential part of the adoption process.  This tutorial will help you in this task.

What does providing help to users of Tuotempo involve?

Tuotempo Patient CRM can be used without any formal training and online tutorials are available covering all it's functionality. Nevertheless, from time to time, users are still likely to come to you for help:  

  • Users may prefer asking for help rather than looking by themselves for solutions
  • Users may not be able to find the online tutorial that answers their question
  • Tuotempo Patient CRM may not be configured in the best way to meet users’ requirements
  • There may be an exceptional malfunction in the system

When requests for help do arise, it is important to manage them quickly and efficiently.

Establish your help system

Define available resources and communication channels 

Decide who will be responsible for managing support requests and what communication channels will be made available. 

Telephone Help

If you want to provide telephone support, decide what number users should call and what hours will be made available for support questions. 

E-mail Help

Provide a dedicated e-mail address or contact form to enable users to raise support issues. 

Define limits 

Don’t allow support questions to disrupt your core activity. Decide what resources you can make available and then define boundaries. 

For example:  You might decide to make telephone support available for urgent issues only. In this case, invite users to submit non-urgent questions via e-mail or support ticket. 

Communicate your access policy  

Communicate your support policy and access hours:

  • On your website
  • In the footer of automated emails such as appointment notifications and reminders 

Managing Support Requests

Identify the problem 

If a user experiences a problem, ask questions to establish a clear picture of what the issue is: 

  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • What actions did you take to try to achieve it?
  • What was the unexpected result?   

Answer the underlying need 

Example: If a patient telephones to say they are unable to book online, whenever possible, begin the help process by booking an appointment for them.  Then go on to teach them how to book online in future. 

Provide the solution 

Tutorials are available in this help desk covering all the most frequently asked questions.  

  • Use the search function to find the tutorial that covers your user's situation
  • Where possible, talk your user through the tutorial to ensure that their problem has been solved. 
  • Alternatively, send the tutorial to your user and ask them to contact you again if they are still experiencing difficulties. 

If you do not find a tutorial that covers a support question, send us a support ticket explaining the problem that you are facing and we will create a tutorial for you. 

Escalating Support Requests to Tuotempo 

The Tuotempo support team is available to help you with any enquiries that you are unable to manage yourself.  You should only escalate tickets to us after following the instructions contained in the available support tutorials.

Managing Incidents 

Service Availability 

You can monitor that state of our service at any time at:

If you experience service availability issues first go to  and check if there is a known incident:

  •  If there is an ungoing incident, this means that our teams are working on a solution. There is no need for you to contact us in this case. 

If Tuotempo services are operating normally, it is probable that you are experiencing local or regional internet connection problems. Check the performance of internet applications other than Tuotempo. If the problems persist for more than 30 minutes, contact Tuotempo Support by submitting a support ticket.

Automated Communication Delivery

99% of automated communications via email and SMS arrive at their destination. Monitoring of the status of messages is availaible within the Tuotempo Patient CRM Application. However, for reasons beyond our control it is not possible to guarantee the delivery of all messages. Please only escalate communication issues when three or more incidents occur to separate users within a 24 hour period. Before escalating the issue, please:

  • Send a test message to your users to check the validity of their contact details.
  • Ask for their consent for our technicians to contact them 
  • Pass on the contact details to us.  

Software bugs

If you believe you have identified an error in the functioning of our software, please submit a support ticket, providing us with sufficient information to reproduce the problem for ourselves. Include where possible:

  • The steps taken that lead to the problem occuring
  • A screenshot of the dysfunction 
  • Details of the internet browser being used and the operating system

Need help?

Create a Tuotempo Support ticket