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Different roles (or access permissions) are available for different users of tuOtempO, such as Administrators, Operators, Call Center, or Resources. This tutorial explains how to assign different roles to different users.


A. Understanding the difference between Resources and Users

- Resources: they provide services at your clinic. They can be human resources such as doctors, or physical resources such as scanners.

- Users: people who use the tuOtempO platform without themselves offering services, like secretarial staff, call center operators, administrators, referring doctors…

B. Creating Users and assigning their roles

  1. Log in to the tuOtempO on this login page.
  2. Go to Set Up > Users > Add and fill out the data for the user.
  3. Assign a role from the dropdown menu:
    • Operator
    • Call Center
    • Pharmacy
    • Referring Doctor
    • View-only operator
    • Administrator...

C. Assign a role to a Resource

  1. Go to Set up > Center > Resources > search for the resource > open the profile.
  2. Assign the access level from the dropdown menu: Administrator, Advance Resource, Resource.

D. Defining permissions for each role

By default, an appropriate set of permissions is associated with each different role. Administrators can modify six of the eight permission sets available if it is needed (it is optional to modify them).

  1. Go to Set Up > Users > Manage Roles & Permissions > click button Modify:
  2. Enable Role: Tick the “Enabled Role” box to make a given role available.
  3. Choose a name for your role: A series of possible names are shown by default: Operator, Call Center, Pharmacy…You can modify these by editing the text box.
  4. Select the permissions per area: Back-end, Front-end, Communications, Restrictions. Check or uncheck the boxes whether you would like to give permission or not to the specific option and area. 
  5. Tooltips (?): Use the tooltips provided next to each line of permission to understand better the permission that applies.
  6. Click Save when you are done.

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