Tuotempo platform enables you to send automated communications to your patients via email, SMS and synthetic voice message.

This article explains how to configure the different options.

Where to begin

Log in to the tuOtempO admin zone.

Go to > Setup > Communication

Essential Settings

A general switch is available to switch on or off all communications. Ensure this in the active position to enable communication.

Activate all communication

2. Choosing events and channels

For each different event (for example An appointment is created, An appointment is approved ) three communication channels are available: SMS, Email and Voice.

To activate a communication channel for a given event, tick the appropriate check-box alongside the title.

Tick the check-boxes to activate.

Edit the email and SMS sender id


Every message for every event and every channel can be customized. To modify any message click first on the name of the event which triggers the message (for example: An appointment is created). On the right of your screen three tabs corresponding to the three communication channels are available: SMS, Email, Voice. Click on the tab of your choice.

First click on the name of the message event, then choose one of the three tabs on the right of the screen.

Customize with TRDs

Custom variables enable you to customize messages using special code words. For example, a message composed as Dear [trd3] will be sent as Dear John to a patient whose first name is John and Dear Jane to a patient whose first name is Jane.

a) The available variables

You can copy the variables using the drop-down menu