You can modify the functionality of your agenda to provide extra reminders for patients who are known to be unreliable and limit their access to online booking. This tutorial explains how.


A patient is considered to be unreliable when they fail to show for 30% or more of their appointments. In these conditions:

  1. A red indicator will appear in their patient profile.
  2. You can optionally configure your agenda to refuse online booking from unreliable patients.
  3. You can optionally send second reminders only to unreliable patients.

Step One: Recording No Shows

Go to > Tuotempo > Agenda > Appointment

When a patient fails to show for an appointment, click on the appointment in your agenda and select the option No Show .

Record a no show

The appointment will become black. When a patient has failed to show for more than 30% of their appointments you will see a red Reliability indicator in their patient profile :

Patient reliability indicator

Step Two: Refuse online appointments from unreliable patients

Go to > Tuotempo > Set Up > Online Booking > Preferences > Booking Rules > Allow Booking To : To Reliable Clients

Allow online booking to reliable clients

Step Three: Send second reminders only to unreliable patients

Go to > Tuotempo > Set Up > Communication > Send Reminders > To Remind an appointment > Advanced > Send a second reminder

Second reminder for unreliable patients.

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