It can be very useful for a doctor to access their calendar appointments directly on their smartphone. tuOtempO allows you to create and send a smartphone login to every doctor, in just a few clicks.

A. Send a password to your doctors

Go to > Tuotempo > SetUp > Center > Manage Doctors  

The manage doctors area

Step 1. Select the doctors

Tick the checkboxes of your chosen doctors.

Step 2. Send

Click on the button Send Password to send a smartphone account access to each doctor.

Step 3. The doctor receives their password and accesses their agenda

The password is sent via SMS

The doctor can access his appointments diary on his smartphone.

B. Modify access levels

With the above procedure, the doctor will receive a view only access to their appointments. To enable the doctor to modify their appointments you will need to modify their permissions:

Go to > Tuotempo > SetUp > Center > Manage Doctors > Edit >Resource Info

Advanced Resource or Admin permissions enable appointment modification

Select Advanced resource to enable Doctors to modify their own appointments or Administrator to enable them not only to modify their own agenda but also the agendas of other resources in the establishment.

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