You can send satisfaction surveys to your patients directly after their appointment. This article explains how.

Where to begin

Go to > Tuotempo > Messages > Manage Surveys

Select Add to create a survey from scratch, or Clone to duplicate an existing survey.

A. Survey Design

1. General

a) Name

Enter a name for the survey in the name field. Do not use spaces. Underscores are acceptable.

b) Channel

Choose the method of sending.

c) Title

This appears at the top of every page of the survey.

d) Sub-title

Appears under the title.

e) Additional Information

Text displayed at the beginning of the survey.

f) Confirmation page

Either enter a url to which the user will be redirected after completing the survey or provide a Heading and Body text which will appear on an automatically generated confirmation page.

g) Theme

Select a theme from the drop-down menu. You can preview the choices in the Preview tab.

h) Automatic Numbering

Select if questions are to be numbered when showing the survey. Numbering will change automatically if you later re-order.

i) Survey opening date

The earliest date respondents can reply to the survey. If not supplied, respondents may reply immediately the survey is activated.

j) Survey closing date

The latest date respondents can reply to the survey. If not supplied, respondents may reply indefinitely until survey is closed.

2. Questions

Select Edit Question to edit an existing question or New Question to create a new one.

Warning: There is no Save button for saving changes - your changes are saved automatically.

a) Question Name

For internal reference only, doesn't appear in survey.

b) Question Text

Enter the text of your question.

c) Required

Make the question obligatory.

d) Type

i) Text Box

Free text.

ii) Radio Buttons

Select from a range of available options. Optionally assign a Credit to each answer to generate an overall score.

Example: Give Credits with marks out of 100, for example 100 for a reply Excellent, 75 for a reply Very Good, 0 for a reply Very Bad. This will enable you to collate an overall ranking that you can measure over time.
iii) Dropdown Box

Select from a range of available options. Optionally assign a Credit to each answer to generate an overall score.

Example:To include a free text response as one of the options use the code !other=My text where My text is the title of the field. For example: !other=None of the above

3. Order

On this tab, you can change the order of the questions, delete questions, and insert page breaks. A page break divides your survey into multiple pages.

4. Conditions

A question that has a condition must be on the next page after the question/value that is used to create the condition. Use the Order tab to insert a page break where wanted.

Tip: All conditions are OR conditions, so if one condition is fulfilled, the question is shown.
Warning: A question that has a condition must be an optional question. So, if you define a condition on a question, the Required parameter must be set to No (This is not done automatically, you need to do this yourself).

5. Preview

This is a preview of how the survey will look. If embedded in a web page, the survey will use the background color of that page.

Warning: The Next Page and Submit Survey buttons are inactive in the preview mode.

6. Distribute

Your survey will automatically be sent to patients after their appointment (see below for details). However, if in addition you wish to send it to other people (for example via an email or SMS campaign), copy and paste the link provided.

Warning: The editing zone is no longer available once a survey has been enabled, so copy and store the link before enabling your survey

B. Distribution

Enable the survey in the Manage Surveys window.

It will now automatically be sent to patients directly after their appointment via the channel you have chosen (Email only, SMS only, Email and SMS, or synthetic voice message).

You can edit the message that accompanies the survey in the message editing area:

Go to > Tuotempo > Setup > Communication > Survey after the appointment

You can also copy and paste the link provided in the Distribute tab to send your survey in campaign mails or text messages or place it on your website or Facebook page.

The survey distribution will end on the date set in the General settings. You can  manually end the distribution at any time using the Close button in the Manage Surveys area.

C. Viewing results

Survey results can be be viewed at Messages > Manage Surveys > View Results

In Reports > Survey > you can analyse the satisfaction score by doctor or by service group.

Tip:  Segmentation by doctor and service group is only available for post-appointment surveys. Scores from replies sent via campaign emails or website pages are not included in the segmented tables, but are included in the overall results.

Need help?

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