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Use the Holidays feature to manage national holidays and other exceptional closures that affect all resources in your establishment. This tutorial explains how.


When a day is defined as a Holiday:

  • Online booking will be unavailable to patients
  • A red warning alert will appear in your tuOtempO diary
  • Staff can continue to take bookings by ignoring the red warning

Where to begin

Go to > Tuotempo > Setup > Center > Profile > Opening Hours

and scroll down to the holidays section.

Regular National Holidays

National Holidays that fall on the same day each year (for example Christmas) are defined as Holidays by default

If you wish to remove a National Holiday from your list of holidays (if for example, your establishment is open on Christmas Day), use the delete button provided.

Other Holidays

To define other holidays (for example an exceptional closure of your establishment, or Easter Day), select a name and date for your holiday and optionally select Every Year if you wish to repeat the holiday in subsequent years.

Click Add to confirm your choice.

The Holiday Alert Warning

The holiday alert warning appears in your agenda below the date in question.

Need help?

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