Speed up the transmission of test results to patients and reduce administrative costs with tuOtempO VIEW - the new multi-source results service from tuOtempO. This article presents the service.


Sending test results by paper is expensive and causes anxiety inducing delays for patients.

Errors in communication can result in referring doctors being unaware of important data - and in critical cases this has lead to lawsuits.

But gathering results together for secure online publishing has also proved complicated for medical establishments, who frequently have to manage results generated from many different software sources.

Now this problem has been resolved by tuOtempO VIEW. tuOtempO VIEW:

  • Captures results data from multiple software sources
  • Instantaneously prepares the data for download from a secure online environment
  • Informs the patient and referring doctor of results availability by email, SMS and telephone message
  • Conforms to international standards on health data privacy

How It Works

Step 1 : Provide your patient with an Admission Number


During the patient’s visit for tests, they will typically be provided with an Admission or Tests Results Number. This will be used by tuOtempO View to identify the results when they become available.

Additionally the patient will need to provide:

  • A preferred contact channel (email, voice message or SMS text message)
  • Consent to use the notification service

Step 2 : Prepare the test results in your usual way


When a new result is ready, tuOtempO SINCRO will be informed instantaneously and automatically by your lab or radiology software and will identify the corresponding PDF file on you secure server.

Different data sources can be merged into one front-end - thus for example lab test, X-ray, MRI, and TAC results can all be found in one place.

Step 3 : The patient is informed of the results availability.


Once the results are ready, tuOtempO View will automatically send a notification to the patient (and/or referring doctor, depending on configuration settings) using their preferred communication channel, together with a link to the Results section of your website.

Step 4 : The patient collects their test results


The patient identifies themselves on your website using their Social Security Number and Admission (or Test Result) Number. They will then be sent via e-mail, text or voice message a time-limited password giving them access to their results. They can view the document online, download or print it.

Lock tight security

Log in security


Results data can only be accessed by the possessor of:

  • The Admission (or Test Result) Number - given directly to the patient
  • The password - sent only after the patient has logged themselves on

This system of double password protection is in compliance with EU and International privacy laws. To protect against compromised security of the patient’s mobile telephone or email box, passwords expire 30 minutes after sending.

Dataflow security


At no time during the delivery process is the results file moved from your secure server or data transmitted by email, SMS or voice message – thus tuOtempO View is in full compliance with EU and international standards on data confidentiality. Results only leave the hospital’s secure server in encrypted form, once the patient has passed the double password identification process.

Advanced Statistics


Use the statistical report in the tuOtempO administration zone to monitor the usage of your Medical Results service and check which test results have been consulted.

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