The ability to customise your automated messages is a power feature of the Tuotempo CRM platform.  This tutorial shows you how.

Where to begin

 Go to >Setup > Communication

The Message Composer

Click on the message of your choice. On the right of your screen appears the Message Composer interface.

There are three tabs at the top of the Message Composer interface corresponding to the different types of message available : SMS, Email and Voice.

Click on the tab of your choice.

Composing your message

A message is made up of standard texts which are the same for all patients and custom variables which change from message to message : for example the variable [TRD3] is used for the name of patient.  A message Dear [TRD3]... will read Dear Fiona...  for a patient named Fiona and Dear Robert... for a patient named Robert.

Compose the standard text of your choice and then use the dropdown menu to find the variables you need.

When you insert a variable, you will see what your message will look like when sent to a patient in the new preview box below:

Where there is only one possible value for a variable it will appear as black text in the preview window: Elm Tree Clinic in the example above corresponds to the variable [TRD0] - center name. Where the data is sample data, it will appear as blue. 10:30 in the example above corresponds to the variable [TRD9] - Appointment starting time

Some useful variables

Experiment with the variables to test their functionality.  Here are just some examples that you might find useful:

  • TRD23 Service Requirements - Remind patients of what they need to bring along.  This variable changes from service to service and is configured in Setup> Center > Services
  • TRD46 SSN Barcode - Send a barcode by email to your patients for automated checkin
  • TRD24 Location Notes - Give patients direction instructions that are specific to a given location. This variable changes from location to location and is configured in Setup> Center > Locations

Need help?

Create a Tuotempo Support ticket