Campaigns allow the center administration to reach their patients, resources or non-patients users with tailored communications.  

Campaigns are powerful tools to engage and gather informations.  


This is the main view of the campaign module, reachable from top menu Messages > Campaign Summary.

You can see which campaigns you have created or sent in the reference period.

The campaigns which were created and not sent can be edited and sent though the button Send Now.

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Campaign Details

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Valid for email campaign only. It is the number of email messages which was opened.


Valid for email campaign only. It is the number of email messages in which a link was clicked.

Create a new campaign

From the Campaign main view, click "new campaign" to create a new campaign

A new page will be opened. The media by which sending the campaign can be chosen (SMS, EMAIL, PUSH).

You can then set a name for the campaign, the sender name of the campaign, a coupon if applicable, and set the message body.

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Import / Set Recipients 

You then have to set to which recipients you want to send the campaign.

There are multiple ways to set the recipients:

  • insert or copy: you can enter list of contacts (max 20000 at once) comma separated or semicolon separated. You can import first 20.000 recipients, then other 20.000, etc.
  • import from file: Import from .CSV files. You can add a maximum of 100000 recipients at once. There is a template to download to know how to produce the import file.
  • Select from your contacts: a lightbox will open and you can pick your recipients from the contacts in your TT instance
  • Add all patients: just add all the patients in the database.

There is no global limitation for the number of recipients for a campaign. You can add as many recipients as you want, you just have to follow the restrictions specified for each insert mode.

Send a campaign

Campaigns are not sent in parallel, but sequentially. The process to send a campaign starts from the first created campaign and sequentially send all the campaign messages present in the database.

We configured a special parallelism for one client who managed big campaigns (portal saydex) but at the moment there is nothing at product level (usable by other customers).

Safe mechanism for not sending duplicated messages

We have a safety system to avoid duplicate messages in a certain window of time, for all kind of messages. 

The safe interval for campaign messages is 1 week, so we don’t send a message with the same body of another message successfully sent if the latter one has been sent less than 1 week before.

Campaign statistics

Campaign conversion

The campaign conversion is calculated as follow:

  • we fetch all the patients to which the campaign was sent;
  • we search how many reservations were created in the 4 weeks after the campaign sending for each of these patients;
  • The conversion is the number of reservations created for the target of the campaign divided by the number of patients target of the campaign.


Q: How long does it take for a campaign to be sent to all recipients?

A: Sending the whole campaign might take several hours, depending on the number of recipients that have been added to the campaign. On average, 2000 messages/hour are sent if the campaign is a SMS campaign, while for EMAIL an average of 6000 messages/hours are sent.

Q: How long does it take for a campaign to show the statistics?

A: The statistics are shown after sending a campaign. However, the numbers are definitive only when the campaign is in "Completed" state. A campaign is set in Completed state after two days that all the messages of the campaign have been sent. 

Q: Is there also a way to know who didn't open the emails from the campaigns summary?

A: You can manually subtract the opens and the clicks from the received messages.

Q: Do Push campaigns remain within the App after they have been sent?

A: Yes, patients can view all Push campaigns they have received within the App by going to My profile > Inbox. All messages and campaigns are stored in this section of the App.