Here you will find the steps to follow to verify why a message has not been sent:

  1. Check if you have credits left:
  2. Go to Setup > Communication > check if the general switch for all automatic SMS, voice, email is Active:
  3. If a scheduled message has not been sent, verify the sending times.

    Bear in mind that 'sending times' do not concern communications sent via email, meaning that only communications sent via other media (e.g. SMS, WhatsApp) will be affected, while email communications will not follow sending time rules.

  4. If the message is activated= SMS/ EMAIL, please check if it has any limitation, for example:

  5. Check the timing of the modifications in the appointment: if the modification occurs after the appointment took place, the message will not be sent. Ex.: if an appointment got canceled after the appointment took place, the cancelation message will not be sent.
    Check the events of an appointment by clicking on it:

  6. Check the MEMO status on each entity: go to Setup > Center > Resource, Service, Group, Insurance.
    If MEMO is green is active, if it is grey is deactivated, if it is yellow not all the communications are activated:
    Remember that the activation of the MEMO for the group affects all the services inside that group.
    If you would like to disable the MEMO for one or more services but not all, you will need to go to that specific service and disable it there and leave the MEMO on the group ON so other services in the group will be not affected.
  7. Check the patient: go to Patients > Manage Patients > search for the patient who has not received the message and check if:

    - mobile and/or email are filled and correct

    - Privacy is ON 

    - if the patient can receive communication by Email or SMS

And if a resource doesn't receive a message?

  1. Go to Setup > Center > Resources > check if the profile has email/phone fields filled and if are correct.
  2. In Setup > Center > Resources > Preferences > check if the resource can receive messages for Agenda or new appointments

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