Step-by-Step Video

Remember that only Admin users can create Support tickets.  

Criteria to select ticket priority

URGENT: A complete business down situation. All or the majority of the service's functions are down and all the users are affected.

HIGH: A critical service/function is totally compromised for all the users or a restricted group of people are not able to use the overall set of services/functions.

MEDIUM: The core services are unaffected but the issue is affecting efficient operation by one or more people.

LOW: The issue is an inconvenience affecting only isolated cases of users OR it's just a support request to facilitate improvements

Affected Functions ⇨

Affected Users
ALL (Environment: Patient Portal, back-office, APP)MOST (Area/Module: online booking, Dossier, Communications) FEW (Functionality: single Doctor Agenda, reminder not sent) 
Remember to create a ticket per incident, there is no need to create different tickets with the same request/incident
Ex.: duplicated patients: create one ticket with all duplicated patients found.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log in
  2. Click on "Support":
  3. Click on 'New Support Ticket':
  4. Fill in the fields with the correct information (only the fields with * are mandatory):
    • From*: Your email will be already filled in, but you can CC other email addresses by clicking on 'Add cc'.
    • Subject*: You can set up a subject for your ticket.
    • Instance name (tt_example): It is the technical name for your platform in TuoTempo. If you do not know it, you can leave blank or fill it in with the name of the center or hospital the incident is referring to.
    • Priority: Follow the criteria explained above. If you do not know what to select, you can leave it blank.
    • Description*: This is extremely important for us. We are going to reproduce the problem on our side, analyze and identify what might be happening, and check how we could solve it.

      >> Include all the steps you take till you find the error.

      >> Share the error you see if you see one.

      >> Indicate what you expect to see and when you detect the error or not expected behavior

      >> Describe an example case that has experienced the problem.

      >> Attach image/s and file/s that could be relevant for the resolution

  5. Once you click on 'Send', the issue will be managed by our Technical Teams and you will be updated by email.