You can use tuOtempO to manage services where a pre-requirement for booking is that two resources are available.


A hospital offers MRI scans for patients. For the service to be bookable, both an MRI scanner and an Assistant need to be available.  In this example, the hospital has one Scanner and two Assistants.

1.  Create a Service named  MRI Scan.

2.  Create a Resource named MRI Scanner.

3.  Associate the Service MRI Scan with the Resource MRI Scanner.

4.  Create a Resource for each of the two Assistants.

5.  Associate the Service MRI Scan with each of the Assistants,  ticking the box Staff

  • Use the Type option to group different types of auxiliary resources

  • Use the Offset option if the Assistant needs to be available before or after the MRI Scanner

Now when using the online booking module, the Service MRI Scan will only be shown as available if both the MRI Scanner and one of the two Assistants is available.

When the Service is booked, the Appointment will be registered in both the planning of the MRI Scanner and the planning of the Assistant who has been booked.